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Why Join RefMasters

Officials are faced with plenty of demands in their career. That’s why we offer multiple web sessions each month, daily app-based learning and certification programs throughout the year led by NBA referees.

We take great pride in our dynamic, always growing curriculum because it’s based on your needs and direct feedback. And our team of pros work hard to strengthen your knowledge and network on a daily basis via the RefMasters app.

Knowledge is power on the court. Community is confidence. Join us, and RUN THE GAME.

— Sony Tiwari, CEO

The RefMasters Advantage

These core ingredients are essential to our success and yours.

professional sports officials icon

Professional Sports Officials

Founded by NBA Finals referees James “Gucci” Williams and Kane Fitzgerald, featuring pro officials, players & coaches.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Multiple sessions each month focused on principles & referee mechanics, game management and career development.

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App-Accessible Platform

Deepen your knowledge in the RefMasters app, view our content from your phone and in the future, learn with AR/VR

Pro Sports Officials

The greatest learning takes place under the tutelage of the very best.

NBA Head of Replay Kane Fitzgerald

Kane Fitzgerald

NBA VP, Head of Replay

NBA referee James Williams

James Williams

NBA Finals Referee

NBA referee Scott Foster

Scott Foster

NBA, 28 Seasons

NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp

Lauren Holtkamp

NBA, 10 Seasons

NBA referee Zach Zarba

Zach Zarba

NBA, 20 Seasons

NBA referee Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

NBA, 19 Seasons

Michael Shrewsberry, Coach, Notre Dame

Michael Shrewsberry

Coach, Notre Dame

Vanessa Blair-Lewis, Coach, George Mason

Vanessa Blair-Lewis

Coach, George Mason

Haywoode Workman
NBA Player / Referee

Haywoode Workman

NBA Player / Referee

Haywoode Workman, NBA Player / Referee

Robbie Hummel

NBA Player / Commentator

Innovative Curriculum

In-depth and outside the box for each official, from newbie to seasoned veterans.

RefMasters University Run The Game event series

Run The Game

Explore game management concepts and everything A-Z to being a great official

RefMasters University Behind The Whistle event series

Behind The Whistle

Gain expert advice on camp prep, mental performance, physical fitness and more

RefMasters University certificate programs

Certificate Programs

Demonstrate your ongoing learning and development to peers & league coordinators


We believe growth should happen right in the palm of your hand.

RefMasters app

RefMasters App

Access additional content and networking opportunities on our private channel

RefMasters University content library

Content Library

View the entire catalogue of RefMasters content at the tip of your fingers

RefMasters University AR/VR


Accelerate your growth with augmented and virtual reality (coming soon)

What our members say

Officials from around the world all agree on RefMasters University

Andrea Bongiorni

“Yesterday I joined How to Watch Film for the first time, it was amazing. Congrats for what you’re doing.”

Bryan Davis
Miami, FL

“The video clips were fantastic! They've been incredibly helpful in breaking down film techniques.

Charles Howell Jr.
Daytona Beach, FL

“Your presentation and explanations were top-notch, creating a positive learning environment.”

Dexter Johnson
Hayward, CA

“What a great presentation, fostering valuable dialogue and learning opportunities!”

Mark Barile
Windsor Locks, CT

“Really fantastic information presented in a way easy to comprehend. Also fun and entertaining.”

Kerry Donohue
New York, NY

“I admired the approach of providing feedback on the officials' performance in a constructive manner that benefits all viewers.”

Leah Smith
Mount Vernon, NY

“I decided to give RefMasters a try, and from the moment I opened it, I was hooked.”

José Flores
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

“I consistently advocate for RefMasters as the go-to platform for anyone looking to learn or improve.”

Riaz Kanji
Seattle, WA

“The information provided was excellent, but what's truly transformative is how it's reshaped my perspective on traveling.”

Trayvon Cooper
Troy, MI

“RefMasters has proven to be an invaluable resource in my journey as an aspiring official. I'm grateful for the platform.”

Stephen Clow
Fall River, NS, Canada

“You're absolutely killing it. Every session is packed with valuable insights, and I'm continuously learning.

Luke Wera
Vancouver, B.C, Canada

“The discussion and clip breakdown were excellent. The smaller group size and interactive nature made it even better.”

Wilson Du
Vancouver, WA

“Learning about traveling and footwork was simply awesome. Understanding how to sequence your eyes has been invaluable.”

Gabe Lind
Phillips, WI

“This session prompted me to think on a higher level about plays rather than just reacting. Your insights are always on point. Thank you!”

Martin Spencer
Coatesville, PA

“I've been involved in various groups and subscriptions for years, and RefMasters stands out as remarkably innovative, personal, and enjoyable.”

Leah Smith
San Francisco, CA

“When I finally opened the RefMasters app, I instantly fell in love with it.”

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